About BikeBoost

BikeBoost is a fully-supported cycle-to-work challenge working in partnership with employers and local authorities, to increase the number of journeys to work regularly made by bike. We identify employees who have considered cycling but do not have the means, and challenge them to cycle 50% of the days within a challenge period. We present solutions to common barriers to cycling including loan of a bike and accessories, access to cycle training, route planning support and incentives.

BikeBoost delivers the project to workplaces across a city, with dedicated staff based in that city and working in partnership with the local authority and existing cycling organisations.

BikeBoost is a world-first. It is ambitious, but grounded on the huge experience of Get Cycling CiC. It will remain high on the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda for both the public and private sectors, for many years to come.
Get Cycling

Get Cycling Community Interest Company was founded in 2000 to promote cycling, in all its forms, for leisure, transport, health, happiness and the environment. We are enthusiastic creative professionals with decades of high-level business experience. We meet a need for new ways of promoting cycling in practical face-to-face situations; through local authorities, public health agencies, public events, businesses, schools and universities.

We operate up to five mobile units, serving a growing number of clients. Our events and programmesmatch the diversity of our client base: from corporate businesses to youth inclusion, from health promotion to cycle design, from zero-emission distribution and delivery work to schools activity roadshows. Get Cycling have proven success in all of these and more.
Bike Hub

BikeBoost is partly financed by the British cycle industry, through the Bike Hub Levy Fund. This is an industry-wide initiative developed by The Bicycle Association of Great Britain and the Association of Cycle Traders, with the purpose of generating funds from within the cycle industry to support the future of cycling in the UK.
Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City Council match fund BikeBoost in Sheffield, and are also funding cycle training for BikeBoost participants. BikeBoost reflects Sheffield City Council’sguiding vision:

To be a modern, vibrant, green city where people choose to live, invest and work
To be a Council that gets things right first time for its customers
To be a city where everyone can achieve their full potential